Welcome to Laksh Solar

More than 3 years “LAKSH SOLAR” has touched millions of lives.

Our Presence is in Northern Part of INDIA.

TWO words define LAKSH and the heart of everything we do.


The industry runs on LAKSH i.e. TARGET. In a market that’s constantly reinventing itself; we find that innovation is the only real driver. This is why our facilities and components follow strict international quality standards. And every product in our portfolio comes straight off the cutting-edge.

You count on it. As a customer, you get efficient and affordable solar power systems. As a client, you find value every time you choose us. As an associate, you’re not just across the table, but walking with us shoulder to shoulder. When we provide a solution that works, we make sure it works for all.


The planet depends on it. While our world is shrinking by the hour, our needs are expanding by the Buy Calais minute. Challenging this reality, our solar systems are harnessing pure, clean energy from 150 million km away. Tapping into a renewable resource that can power us for generations.

BHAG (Big Hairy Auditions Goal ):



  • By 2030 expanding Laksh Solar and its business world wide.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be transforming human comfort with solar power.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having Research and Development department for advance innovation.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will have built healthy and joyous ecosystem by:
    a. Building multi-speciality hospitals across the country.
    b. Building educational institute across the country.
    c. Building Recreation amenities for kids and elders in different town.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having a township for employees with best faciloties and luxurius life style.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having regular training and developing workshops for employees on strict timely manner.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having green employee management system where employees will be working from home without engaging their time in so called office environment.
    a. easy to manage them,
    b. Peace of minf.
    c. Self empowering
    d. Creative thought and its implementation.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having world best service and providing the maintentnce management system that will be given by Laksh Solar for customer east so that they enjoy the product stress free.
  • By 2030 Laksh solar will be having only quality products as well as providing value product against their spending.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be having hi0tech self product explore store booth which will be providing detail knowledge of solar system.
  • By 2030 Laksh Solar will be known as leading customer service organization as it will be docusing on giving “out of the world experiences to all the associates”.

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